I am Jeroen and I am 17 years old. I got into fossils when I found a fossil on the beach(not knowing it was a fossil) When I found out it was a fossil I got more into the fossil collecting and determinations. Now I got a room full of fossils and too little spare time to determinate everything and arange it in drawers.

This site is dedicated to the fossils and recent stuff I got in my collection.
The site is mainly based on modern and fossil molluscs but I am putting some of my best personal finds and tradings on it.

Some people asked what is so special about molluscs. It is just that there are so many to collect. So many colours and just the time searching is the best time spent. It is better to spend a day out searching and finding nothing than to sit at home all day. You will never know what you will get. And you are always searching for the one...

I hope you will enjoy my site.
Please leave a comment and excuse me for my English.

I am still busy with updating this site, so keep an eye out.
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